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Innovative Space-Saving Furniture for Compact Apartments

The rise in the populations of city dwellers has instigated the need for high-rise apartment buildings. Those buildings can host hundreds of families, instead of one. However, owing to high demands, young individuals in the prime of their career could find these apartments quite costly. That is why they would rather opt for really small ones, with areas of 50 square meters or less. “Less” could reach less than 10 square meters! Really tiny, right? You’re probably wondering what one could fit in such a small area. Designers wondered too, but they have also found solutions, among which is Space-Saving Furniture.

Let’s see; how many furniture pieces do you have in your bedroom? And in your living room? Now, what if we can merge both, somehow, together? Even more, what if we can fit them all in one or two pieces at most? Doesn’t sound very realistic, does it? Well, we will surprise you at how much you can fit in so little space, by reviewing some of the most innovative space-saving furniture—designed by contemporary designers. Some of these designs were customized for certain apartments/clients, while others were designed for mass production.

Space-saving furniture solutions showcase various techniques. One, for example, is to fit many pieces of furniture within one, and use them as they are.

The Living Cube – Till Könneker

Courtesy of Till Könneker

Courtesy of Till Könneker

Courtesy of Till Könneker

The Switzerland-based designer has marvelously fit a bed, a fold-down desk, storage for clothes, shelving, and, furthermore, a small room which can be used in any way, all in one piece of furniture.

This seems to be an almost magical solution, but it requires a relatively high interior space which might not be available. In that case, you can go for smaller-scale pieces with multi-functions.

Space Up Bed and Storage – Parisot

Courtesy of Parisot via RoomSmart

Courtesy of Parisot via RoomSmart

This one, by French furniture manufacturers, offers you the bed and the storage space but on top of one another. You can easily lift the mattress, to enter the small compartment below and retrieve your clothes, shoes, or whatever you need to keep down there. The side shelves for book storage double as a stairway to the bed.

Poppi Desk – Clei

The Italian furniture manufactures created this compact piece which includes both a fold-down bed and a flap desk, back to back. You can either fold down the bed to sleep or put it back in place to use the desk.  The piece may, also, function as a semi-partition between two spaces.

Courtesy of Resource Furniture

Courtesy of Resource Furniture

That brings us to the concept of “folding”. Folding solves a lot of problems when it comes to space-saving furniture, and it is what designers opt for the most to create multi-functioning compact pieces. However, since the mechanism by which foldable furniture works could be quite simple, crafters and homeowners could work on the pieces themselves.

NORBERG Wall-mounted drop-leaf – IKEA

Courtesy of Ikea

Courtesy of Ikea

NUBO Wall-mounted desk – GamFratesi

Courtesy of GamFratesi

Here is a variation of the same idea with a twist, executed by American crafters.

Fold Down Craft Table – We R memory keepers

Courtesy of We R memory keepers

Folding is handy, but it’s not the only way. Designing the furniture with slots where you can keep other pieces stored, until the time of need, is also smart and space-saving.

As if from nowhere… Bookcase – Orla Reynolds Studio

Courtesy of Orla Reynolds

Courtesy of Orla Reynolds

This contemporary bookcase saves you the space needed to store your dining table and chairs. It has slots where you keep chairs and tables while maintaining a sleek appearance and a small footprint.

So far, it has been all on the floor, but then, some designers noticed that while the floor and walls are cluttered with aligned furniture, the ceiling is free. Consequently, they decided it’s about time to go up and use some of that hanging free space.

BedUP – Décadrages

This bed is not mounted to the wall and does not fold into a partition. Instead, it goes up. The bed is suspended to the ceiling and supported by a backboard which does not require the further support of a wall. It can go up by day so that the space underneath can be used freely. Then, it goes down by night when it is time to sleep. The bed can be adjusted to any suitable height and the lifting operation requires no more than one hand.

Courtesy of BedUp

Did that capture your interest? Well, that is not half of it. There are loads of other renovations in the field of space-saving furniture which could transform the way you regard interior spaces altogether. Follow us for more on this topic; we will keep you updated.
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