Maritime Youth House |  PLOT  [ BIG + JDS]

Maritime Youth House The concept emerged from a technical problem inherent in the site. Cleaning the polluted soil on the site was seen as a necessity, but would cost one quarter of the overall project budget to complete. Through futher investigations, we discovered that since the soil was ...

Aluminium House | Fran Silvestre Arquitectos

Aluminium House A consolidated landscape surrounded by gardens with big trees within the metropolis of Madrid is the fortunate starting point of this house. The piece, of metallic and horizontal nature, produces the effect of having just one storey. With its proportions and materiality it both ...

1911 Revolution Museum | CADI

1911 Revolution Museum is a themed museum built to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Revolution of 1911 Shouyi, Wuchang. Located at the south side of Shouyi Square, Wuchang District, Wuhan, the Museum, together with the former address of Wuchang Uprising Military Government (the Red Building), ...

Estonian National Museum | DGT Architects

Estonian National Museum During the nineteenth century, Estonia experienced an ‘age of awakening’ with the spread of national consciousness and the establishment of Estonian language literature, theatre, and professional music, as well as the formation of the Estonian national identity. Estonia ...

Chicony Square | Goettsch Partners

Chicony Square This 37-story mixed-use building is designed to provide an identifiable architectural expression through its unique façade treatment and bold massing along the fast-developing Chengdu skyline. The project occupies a full city block adjacent to a vibrant, pedestrian-only public ...

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