Winning Proposal for Public Power Corporation HQ Promotes Environmental Awareness

Micromega’s design for the new Public Power Corporation HQ in Athens has been selected as a winning proposal. The project does not only aim to emphasize the company’s character but also to integrate the public within via an urban park and the ground floor structure.

Situated on the former site of a steam-powered station the new Public Power Corporation is set to become the city’s new contemporary landmark.

Courtesy of Micromega

Micromega’s main focus is to create an architecture that ignites environmental awareness and promotes the use of clean energy to the public. The Athens-based firm achieved this, in its winning proposal, by introducing three main zones which represent the renewable sources used by the Public Power Corporation: sun, wind, and water.

Named the “topoi”, these three main spaces are the”Air Garden”, the “Sun Path” and the “Plaza of Water”. The “Sun Path” is a linear canopy covered with photovoltaic panels that are the main source of renewable energy for the urban park in front of the Public Power Company. On the other hand, the “Plaza of Water” consists of a shallow pond that acts as a natural cooling method through convection. It is also used as a public lounge.

Courtesy of Micromega

Finally, the”Air Garden” is located in the northern section of the part and includes a large amphitheater for company meetings, events, and even performances. As the name suggests, the air flow makes its way from the north to the plaza after being filtered by wheat plants.

Courtesy of Micromega

Additionally, the building is conceived as 3 forms which refer to the architectural language of the old building complex where the central core emphasizes the entrance. Responding to the climate and the challenging Mediterranean sun, the exterior is covered by shading filters that allow indirect light.

Courtesy of Micromega

Founded in 2015 Micromega Architecture and Strategies is an award-winning architectural office, which works on architectural design projects, urban design projects, urban development projects, and territorial management.

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