Zaha Hadid Architects created a one-minute clip showcasing a light installation on the Baroque Karlsruhe Palace façade in Germany.

The light show, dubbed “Behaviour Morphe”, was the result of the collaboration between Zaha Hadid Architects, composer Max Cooper, and the prominent digital artists Mubbasir Kapadia and Andy Lomas. The dazzling project was a part of the 2017 Schlosslichtspiele Festival.

The projection on the castle’s façade reveals its interiors as digital laboratories of human behavioural simulation, demonstrating the circulation and congregation of digital actors programmed with artificial intelligence that interact with the spaces of the castle and each other,” commented the architects.

Dynamic new virtual spaces are defined by using real-time data to interpret the virtual actors’ interactions. These digital spaces are then explored with iterative growth systems that emulate the evolutionary process of nature, demonstrating the potential of metamorphic simulations and digital morphogenetics.”

ZHA’s ideas and work fit well with my musical approach, being based on human/machine boundaries, and emergence of biological forms from simulated systems of behaviour,” Cooper explained. I drew on a couple of tracks which fit the visual style and the development of the piece, which goes from a playful exploration of human interactions with an architectural space to a barrage of cellular forms and audio-visual intensity.”

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