Online courses and MOOCs have become quite popular as practical learning media. Some of the world’s famous universities now offer courses in all sorts of topics for students from all over the globe, who can access the content for free via online course providers. Students can also gain optional certificates from these universities for a specific amount of fees. Now, following our efforts to enlighten our readers about sustainability, we will give you a list of 10 online courses that tackle sustainable design in both fields of architecture and urbanism. So here, check them out and learn more.

1.Principles of Sustainable Design by Philadelphia University

“Learn about the context, motivations, frameworks and perspectives necessary to build a deeper understanding of sustainability and to form a solid foundation for sustainable design.”

2.Practices for Sustainable Architecture by Philadelphia University

Following the previous course in the list, this one introduce students to a range of rating systems including LEED, Integrated Project Delivery, and green construction practices. Then, it discusses topics like eco-districts, eco-villages, and the future of sustainable design. That is in addition to a Green Associate Preparation session.

3.Sustainability Science – A Key Concept for Future Design by University of Tokyo

“Discover sustainability science by learning theoretical concepts and practical applications in Japan and around the world.”

4.Sustainable Urban Development by TU Delft

“Learn why cities are the keys in resolving global urbanization and sustainability challenges and how you can engineer tomorrow’s cities today.”

5.Re-Enchanting the City: Designing the Human Habitat by UNSW Sydney

“This course is an introduction to the interdisciplinary nature of city making. The focus will be on a cutting-edge, high-density urban infill project, Central Park, in contemporary Sydney…”

6.Ecodesign for Cities and Suburbs by the University of British Columbia

“Using real examples, learn how ecology can guide urban design to avert environmental disasters and improve people’s lives.”

7.Future Cities by ETH Zurich

“Understand the city’s people, components, functions, scales, and dynamics, as a precondition for its sustainable design and management.”

8.Smart Cities by ETH Zurich

“Learn how data and information impact the design, sustainability, and resilience of future cities.”

9.Urban Design for the Public Good: Dutch Urbanism by TU Delft

“Through a unique Dutch approach learn how to design landscapes and cities in response to social and environmental challenges.”

10.Designing Cities by University of Pennsylvania

The course reviews different aspects of city design including, “how today’s city evolved, the ideas that shape cities, tools for designing cities, making cities sustainable, cities in the information age, preserving older cities, designing new cities, districts, and neighborhoods, the challenges of informal cities and disadvantaged neighborhoods, and visionary cities.”

Also, check out the wide variety of sustainable architecture projects available in Arch2O’s Sustainability Projects section.

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