Photoshop is such a powerful tool that it is used by everyone from print designers, photographers, to app developers, and architects. Unfortunately, that power comes with a complex feature set that is time-consuming to learn. That’s why it’s important to learn the tools in Photoshop that are actually used by architects—skipping past the parts that may be useful someday, but won’t help you finish post-processing your rendering or setting up that beautiful site plan.

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Here, we drafted a list of the most visited youtube channels to help you learn Photoshop, for architects and Designers. We would love to hear your thoughts on the matter… Please, check them out and let us know what do you think!

Architecture Photoshop Channels

1. Alex Hogrefe

2. Eugene Smith

3. ARQUI9 Visualisation

4. Show It Better

5. Photoshop. Architect

7. Architecture Inspirations

//// Non-Architecture Photoshop Channels

We also have a list of Youtube channels for designers. In this list, we’re sharing the coolest Photoshop CC Design Tutorials. Learn how to create amazing 3d text, fun photo manipulations, cool dispersion effects, and more!

1.PSD Box Official

2.Photoshop Tutorials

3.Photoshop Tutorials by PHLEARN

4.Blue Lightning TV Photoshop

5. Howard Pinsky

6. Tutvid

7.Photoshop Training Channel

8. Kelvin Designs


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