OMA and Mia Lehrer+Associates’ FAB Park in Los Angeles Gets Design Updates

About 10,000 sqft of grassy meadow has been added to the plan to meet the desires of the citizens who demanded extra plantings in the new park.

With this being the most significant change, the park will keep most of its original design, including signature elements like the distinct shade canopies and the service building, both designed by OMA. The building, though, will be getting a rooftop terrace that was not present in the initial plans. Also, the entrances to the park have been moved to the corners and a new ramp has been added.

Image via Curbed

OMA and Mia Lehrer+Associates have won the competition to design the downtown park in June 2016. The proposed designed is particularly unique for its iconic canopies which are playfully distributed to provide shade, lighting, and a dynamic sense to the park by reflecting the ongoing activities on the ground. The service building responds to the context, and it is “quick and casual on the ground, refined and elegant above,” as described by OMA. It includes a café, beer garden, test kitchen, and amphitheater seating on the ground floor, in addition to indoor and outdoor dining on the first floor.

The park itself is designed to be low maintenance, as well as energy and water efficient, by including features like solar collection and on-site storm water filtration/infiltration. The construction works for the $28 million project will commence in 2018, and the park is expected to open in 2020.

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