The future complex formed by the Munch Museum and the Stenersen Museum Collections is not only to safeguard and disseminate a basic heritage of the history and character of Norwegian culture; we find ourselves faced with a unique opportunity to develop a contemporary museum concept drawn from a transcendental urban role and a historical responsibility as a cohesive element for the community not only of Oslo but of all the nation. The Museum is conceived as an institution which is open to the city and highly visible, which must be visited many times in a lifetime because of its dynamic programs but also because of its power as a place of concentration, walks and daily relaxation in its terraces and cafes or even because of its retail spaces. The proposal as a whole is notably involved with energy and environmental sensitivity issues. The detailed explanation of the operation of the Museum installations has been made clear. This is the moment to underscore our firm position that these housing facilities, inasmuch as every other proposed building, not least Lambda’s public spaces must adhere to the sustainable criteria hereby proposed, beginning with the very reduction of cost as first preventive measure.


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