Indoor rock climbing is fun for all ages. That is why this urban sport is becoming trendier every day. Indoor climbing is growing on people, naturally, because it is safer, cheaper, closer to home, and doesn’t require as much gear when compared to traditional mountain climbing.

Indoor rock climbing facilities, that are widely and wildly spreading in many cities around the globe, are exemplary for friends to gather and have fun while practicing their favorite sport. They are the perfect place for beginners as they offer climbing courses and provide the necessary gear for rent or purchase. These gyms deliver spacious areas for practicing the sport in addition to acting as theme parks. They offer services like hosting scout events or children’s birthday parties. The idea of party-hosting certainly paves the way to introduce the sport to kids, especially the reluctant ones.

The rock climbing artificial environment encloses erected walls that are made to resemble mountains, with vividly-colored rocks and crystals. The architecture of such buildings can be quite interesting as designers try to imitate natural landscape. Check out the following list of the most popular indoor rock climbing venues:

 1. Vertikale Kletterhalle – Brixen, Italy

Photography: G. R. Wett

The vertical climbing gym designed by Wolfgang Meraner and Lanz + Mutschlechner has a huge glass façade which abolishes the borders between the interior and the world outside giving the chance for a more dynamic climbing experience.

2. Brooklyn Boulders – Chicago, Illinois, USA

Courtesy of Arrowstreet

This facility designed by Arrowstreet Architects is popular for conjoining art, culture, and music. Being amid entrepreneurs and tech companies, it offers the opportunity for a quick workout or an informal work meeting.

3. Salewa Spa Headquarters – Bolzano, Italy

Courtesy of Cino Zucchi and Park Associati

Designed by PARK ASSOCIATI and Cino Zucchi Architetti, the gym has the appearance of a rock crystal. This was accomplished by utilizing micro-perforated aluminum skin to cover the most exposed parts of the building in addition to a large vertical glass covering.

4. Brooklyn Boulders – Somerville, Massachusetts, United States

Photography: Ed Wonsek

Arrowstreet’s interest in designing a center for arts, social gatherings, and casual meetings is evident here as it was in Chicago’s Brooklyn Boulders. Innovators and entrepreneurs visiting the center are given a chance to play sports, work, and socialize.

5. Norwegian Mountaineering Center, Åndalsnes, Norway

Photography: Søren Harder Nielsen

Reiulf Ramstad Architects provided both locals and visitors with a quite interesting design for a gym hall. The exterior smooth surface is covered with random pieces of square glass, resembling the rocks on the erect walls inside.

6. Allez Up Rock Climbing Gym, Montréal, Canada

Photography: Stephanie Brugger

The former sugar refinery maintained its metallic industrial exterior, while the inside received a full colorful transformation, swamped with abundant light coming through the vast windows. The repurposed facility got revamped by Smith Vigeant Architects to act as a recreational venue for the neighborhood.


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