The German firm Graft in collaboration with WES – landschaftsarchitektur ‘ landscape architects, created the ‘Ausfahrt roof pavilion and service ‘ in Wolfsburg. The Ausfahrt is a space where the user can try the latest technologies in automobile systems.

Arch2o-graft-autostadt-pavilion-designboom22 (4)

Courtesy of Graft

An organic shape, double-curved form stands above the terrain following the topography of the place and giving a continuity to the whole organic surrounding place. The floating element that acts as cover is distinguished by its unique shape and the way it anchors to the ground in two simple support points.

Arch2o-graft-autostadt-pavilion-designboom22 (9)

Courtesy of Graft

The structure was designed by Schlaich Bergermann and Partner and starts from a simple principle of physics, the two points of support design, leaving the roof levitate giving free space for moving cars. The cover is made ​​of materials that protect the space from rain and direct sunlight, but at the same time creates an indirect light mood, good enough to not be necessary to use artificial lighting systems .

Arch2o-graft-autostadt-pavilion-designboom22 (22)Courtesy of Graft

The pavilion in turn provides visitors with all the information about the Autostadt, about the instalations and all its functions and other activities .
The entire set provides an isolated space, quiet and private, so that their users can experience the technological functions of their new cars, as well as critical driving situations and road safety, parking and automatic electric cars charging.

Arch2o-graft-autostadt-pavilion-designboom22 (20)

Courtesy of Graft

The entire structure houses space for forty-five cars in slots large enough to not interfer with each other.

By Luis Pina Lpoes

Courtesy of Graft

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