Eray / Carbajo Reveals Plans for Urban Living Project with Rural Living Qualities in Istanbul

New York and Istanbul-based studio Eray / Carbajo has unveiled plans for a new residential development in the heart of Istanbul. The development introduces a new housing typology to the Turkish city which is witnessing the renovation of many of its cultural institutions as well. The project named “Urban Rural” will be providing rural living quality, characterized by its unusual modular design and sustainability features, to the dwellers of the dense urban city.

Courtesy of Eray / Carbajo

Urban Rural will comprise eight floors. The ground floor will include social and recreational spaces for community engagement, while the upper floors will house private residences, each containing a bedroom, a living room, and a garden terrace. The beehive modular which shapes the building is not only of aesthetic value but also of structural and spatial value. Each hexagonal module constitutes one living unit, providing maximum living space with the minimal use of materials, and its exterior projection acts an outdoor terrace. The inverted-triangular cavity at the base of each terrace can be used for planting, turning the urban development into a vertical forest. These inverted triangles, also, transfer structural loads throughout the building to the supports in the podium, eliminating the need for extra reinforcement.

Courtesy of Eray / Carbajo

The building’s rooftop will be covered in greenhouses, and it will offer the development’s community with urban garden space to grow their own food. In addition to the roof gardens, the building will be provided with shading louvers, gray water collection system, and, possibly, individual-scale solar roofs to partly satisfy the energy needs per each resident. Finally, the project is scheduled to be completed in 2019. Featuring unusual form, unique structure system, and sustainability, Urban Rural has the potential to become an icon of contemporary urban residence.

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