The next time you find youself around the Wood Wharf within the Canary Wharf Estate be  sure to check out the newly installed retail kiosks designed by Make.

Arch2o-Canary Wharf Kiosk  Make (2)

Courtesy of Make

One can describe them as Urban Origami. They consist of a simple folding geometric form that are easily distinguishable. It is expressed as simple compact form of folded panels made of steel. The opening mechanism works via a counterweight system operated by an electric winch. Once open it forms a canopy.

Arch2o-Canary Wharf Kiosk  Make (4)

Courtesy of Make

The structure is 1.95m deep x 3m wide comprising steel framing and plywood-stressed interior linning.Rain-skin cladding panels create an insulative air gap that helps to reduce solar gain.

Arch2o-Canary Wharf Kiosk  Make (1)

Courtesy of Make

Externally, powder-coated aluminium cladding panels make the kiosk highly resilient and durable requiring minimal maintenance.

As lightweight as they are, they were prefabricated and tested off-site and assembled on site.

By Hassan Mohammed Yakubu

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