British Photographer Remodels World Famous Architecture Using Paper Cutouts and Forced Perspective

London-based artist Rich McCor, known as Paperboyo on Instagram, travels the world and remodels its iconic famous architecture landmarks using paper cutouts. He combines forced perspective photography with his paper art skills to produce some extraordinary images of these landmarks. Once you have seen them, they will never look the same way again.

McCor’s trip started in London with the usual photography of the English capital city’s icons like the Big Ben, but then he gets the idea to do something different and a bit more creative using paper. That is when he prepares a wristwatch-shaped paper cutout, places it between the camera’s lens and the Big Ben, and there was his first forced perspective image of a world-famous architectural icon.

McCor repeated the idea using different cutouts for some other London-based famous architecture like Saint Paul’s Cathedral and the Tower Bridge. His photographs became quite popular and reached the press; that was about time he decided to tour Europe and America, remodeling some of their famous landmarks, as well. He transformed the Pisa Tower into the leaning nurse from the V-J Day in Times Square photograph, the Arc de Triomphe into a Lego man, and the Neon Museum in Las Vegas into Marilyn Monroe’s flying skirt. Here, check out some of the artist’s most interesting photos.
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