To make this urban exhibition, I personally contacted 100 NEW YORK CITY ARTISTS to be part of an energetic, upbeat and crowded group exhibition in Barranquilla at the Pop Up Art Shop.  Our main purpose is to show and share city-works and extend some current currents of a still avant-garde New York City art world.  The 100 works in the exhibition traveled in my luggage from NYC- BQ.


While New York City is still one of the great centers of artist expression and thought, there is a huge and overcrowded art system of amazing production that often is not seen, rarely seen together, and hardly benefits artists. Most New York artists and architects are enormously, even obsessively creative, ambitious, dedicated — and generous.  It is fundamental that we as artists create new routes of communication, production and distribution between us in these digital times. We need to find new and vital ways to value new art, honor its production and  expand our collective communication in paradoxically a shrinking and yet also an exploding world.


Art Fairs offer only a kind of commercial space  which is contrary to ideas and mostly about display and sales.  Artists today have to fit a financial mold and system that does not benefit them. I believe that artists should set the themes, tone and mold — and in doing so expect more – or different – space for unfettered artistic expression from the inside/out of our  culture – determined by artists and their works – and not by commerce alone.


We have asked 100 artists to give one their works for this show. All works have the same price of $ 320.00 US. The only requirement to participate was that the works needed to be small so I could bring them to Barranquilla by hand.  We have received a unique and wide range of work ranging from drawings on napkins to paintings on bubble wrap to a model of a chess game.


The participating 100 New York City Artists and Architects include:


Carlos Motta, Manuela Gallo-Viera, Anna Kuyumcuoglu, Adalberto Camperos, Myles Starr, Katarina Jerinic, Don Porcella, Lauren Stern, Ryan Brown, Victoria Duffee, Florencia Escudero, Andrew Birk, Maria Elvira Dieppa, Alyse Ronayne, Jim Bergesen, Rufus Tureen, Julie Torres, Ryan Morris, Jose Maria Armenter, Ian Swanson, Aderyn Wood – Sabrina Barrios, Steve Riviera, Margery Harter, Will Hutnick, Naomi Miller, Natalia Roumelioti, Cristina de Miguel, Andrew Mac Nair, Joke Post, Ernest Concepcion, Mason Miller, Juan Betancurth, Julian Chams, Tim J Hospodar, Orly Anan, Rob Campbell, OhIo Mike, Jonathan Gatlin, Antonio Ortuño, iIana Savdie, Kelly Worman, Deborah Berman, James Prez,Chad Stayrook , Mariel lebrija, Alex Hutton, Mauricio Higuera, Jose Joaquin Figueroa, Felipe Cifuentes, Isabel Alicia Baptista,Susan Belle, Suzanne Goldenberg, Mark Hodson, Maria Kondratiev , Pedro Sanchez, Steven Holl, Raul Jalube, Aliyah Taylor, Dalia Ralph, Eduardo Velazquez, Diana Lozano, JF Lynch, Noemi Biel, Camilo Cadena, Amy Feldman, Alethea Maguire,Gail Quagliata , Roberta Cajado, Felipe Merida, Monica Hofstader, Nelson Plaza, Ileana Ortega, Charles Evans, Bailey Robers, Anna Barsan, Alberto Borea,Edwin Padilla, Oscar Cuello, Jose Ruiz, Angela Jann, Dimitra  and Eirini Tsachrelia, Irvin Morazan, Gregg Nelson, Andrija Petrovic, Enrico Gomez, Martin Kornfeld, Erin Ikeler, Jason Rosenberg, Daniela Garcia-Rosales, Lucas McGowen, Paul Moakley, Daughters, Li  Saumet, Juan Camilo Rodelo, Juan Camilo Olmos, Simona Duque, Brian Balderstorn, Patricia Dominquez.


Curated by Maria Elvira Dieppa  

   and  a collaboration  with  The Caimito Appreciation Society and Zapp Urbanism.


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