When the Mildura City Council decided to redevelop Langtree Mall into the civic heart of the city Bellempo & Cat were contracted to give a new facelift to the public space .The project brief called for a new surface treatment, shade structures, a pavilion and kiosks.

Arch2o-Langtree Mall PavilionBellemo & Cat (2)

Courtesy of Bellemo & Cat

The project team teamed up with Hansen landscape architects to provide an astounding response for the clients that saw an integration of art and architecture.

The team envisioned the public space of the mall as the new town square that will attract numerous visitors daily hence their challenge was to come up with something that was all-weather and attractive to residents.

Arch2o-Langtree Mall PavilionBellemo & Cat (8)

Courtesy of Bellemo & Cat

The architects say the agricultural landscape of Mildura influenced their designs. The patterned landscapes, dictated by irrigation channels, rows of orchards and drying racks influenced the pavilion roof. They used striated battens in a folded formation that mimicked the undulating fields. Like a suspended ceiling it serves now as a focal point were city residents share memorable moments together.

 By Hassan Mohammed Yakubu

Courtesy of Bellemo & Cat

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