Courtesy of RYRA

Barin Hotel | RYRA

Barin Hotel, just an hour away from Tehran in Iran’s second largest ski-resort Shemshak, stands out with an impressive i...
Courtesy of SUPRASTUDIO- images courtesy of yuhao zhu


We have been noticing a tendancy towards modular design lately, which was also the approach of the SUPRASTUDIO, which is...
Courtesy of Jenny Pokryvailo

Sushi Towels | Jenny Pokryvailo

Sushi Towels Industrial designer Jenny Pokryvailo has created these zany ‘Sushi Towels’. The designer must have a good ...
Arch2O-Architectural Trinkets -004

Architectural Trinkets

Architectural Trinkets Architects have been employed in various fields all around the world, so it mustn’t come as a su...

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