Zaragoza Water Museum | Abiboo

Zaragoza Water Museum designed by Abiboo: The project for the Museum of Water evokes water through its absence, while giving evidence to its print as an instance of evolution. They are using local element to lay out bridges towards a natural sensitivity.

The Design of Zaragoza Water Museum:

The building is 50,000 sq. ft. (5.000 m2) and it’s organized around 8 massing volumes marked as if by water-erosion. In the interstitial spaces, skylights with water on top generate the effect of caustic light in the plaza that is the external space of the exhibition center. The geometry of the building and the use of organic structures made of brick are a referent to the traditional construction of the area.


Senior Design Team: Alfredo Munoz, Pedro Ojesto, Albertina Saseta, Carlos Infantes, Yimei Chan, Diego Brieva, Jerónimo Cabezas.

Courtesy of Abiboo
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