Yoshi Bar by Naoya Matsumoto

Using simple reed grown in Biwako, Shiga, Naoya Matsumoto has construction the essence of a traditional Yoshi bar in a two day workshop, from design to construction. The structure was hand made in six separate panels and put together at the Seian University of arts and design in Otsu.

Arch2o-Yoshi Bar  Naoya Matsumoto

 Courtesy of  Naoya Matsumoto

The fragile installation deconstructs the conventional language of the gabled roof, reinterpreting the traditional Yoshi-bar as a sensual ideal of space. The installation creates a human nest for temporary occupation, acting as a temporary bar for spectators to immerse themselves in the surrounding environment. The Japanese attitude of an intimate connection to the environment resonates with the ad-hoc constructed façade.

Arch2o-Yoshi Bar  Naoya Matsumoto (3)

 Courtesy of  Naoya Matsumoto

At night the form is revealed against the dark sky via up-lighting, extenuating the warmth of the material.

By Geoff Eberle

 Courtesy of  Naoya Matsumoto

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