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Wind Turbine Tree – Aeroleaves: After decades of decimation, rendering the natural resources almost extinct, the world today after much coercion and coaxing from the activists’ node and the fast depletion of renewable resources and environmental pollution have finally begun to dawn on the concept of clean energy. Enter the Biometric Aeroleaves Energy Trees.

Up until now, harnessing these unlimited potentials from the never-ending form of natural resources has come at an extensively great price, literally! Looking at the rustle of the leaves to the wind, French entrepreneur Jérôme Michaud-Larivière has come up with a cost-effective ingenious idea that can harness the wind around us into consumable clean energy. Carving out a niche, for itself, the installation typically adapts biomimicry of the regular randomness evoked in a tree. It doesn’t need large turbulence in the wind to operate, a breeze can set off a chain that generates output.

What are Wind Turbine Trees?

The silent “Aeroleaf” as he calls it, an S-type conical volume, a perfect imitation of the leaves makes up the Wind Turbine Trees, and are modular components placed along the steel branches that are fixed to a magnetic assembly that go into rotation hence generating the electrical jolts. The plurality helps in capturing, even the smallest of wind movement, and converting into electrical pulses hence generating continuity. Though it has a stammer in its output currently, 4.1 kW, which is not significant compared to the humongous appetite to be satisfied. If any advancement is made to significantly improve the wattage with minimal changes to design and cost, it’ll be ready for deployment in a large range and will effectively curb both pollution and wastage of redundant energy, which can be spearheaded from minimal space. The above image portrays the energy output in relation to the utility. Aesthetically, it can be inserted anywhere between a rural vast land to an urban jungle enhancing the locales’ character. These wind turbine trees can be seen powering the cities in early 2016 creating a dynamic and symbiotic rural/urbanscape.

Characteristics of a Wind Turbine Tree Unit

Installed Power: 4.1 kW
Height: 10m
Width: 8m
Weight: 4 Tons

63 Aeroleafs’ overall produce an estimated average of 2400 kWh.

Generation Starting Threshold: 1.3 m/s

Production Threshold: 2 m/s

By: Achyuthan Ramaswamy
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