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For centuries we lived in a world who seemed to have an infinite amount of resources. This illusion made us think that we humans are separated from nature, but the truth is that we are part of it. Nature offers free water, free light, free food and free energy but we transformed it in an infected organism. Major problems that changed the world are related to energy, climate, food , economic pressures and the human bonding. Because of those movements we reached a critical point in which any wrong move can affect the whole human race. We have lost Earth’s beauty and harmony.

Because of the climate change , the sea global level has increased considerably. Emissions of greenhouse gases have created huge climate imbalances, causing various adverse processes, including spreading diseases, natural disasters, loss of biodiversity, forrest fires. From the analysis results i have come to the conclusion that the entire Earth’s surface needs help. We have reached the critical point where we must take care of every piece of land. In this time frame sustainability means a retreat from the world we live and create a development without causing any harm to the environment. The highest temperature rises have been registered in the southern part of Europe but also in the Arctic regions.

Another example of those problems are presented in Paris where the water level has raised and due to the evolution of tectonic plates movement more and more earthquakes have been reported. We know we cannot fight against the natural forces but we can resist them.

The Idea

It is time to offer Earth the healing time it needs to bring nature back to life and increase life quality. The project is presented by a transition movement where the whole civilization raises above Earth in floating cities due to the fact that it is harder and harder to live on the ground because of the natural disasters caused by the major climate change. The idea of the project presents a temporary way of life until we can return on the ground. The only condition we can touch the surface is to offer him the help he needs which is planting trees, rehabilitation of existing towns and suburbs.

The City

The city has special effects in the human emotional and vital plan. First of all it generate and revitalize the human being, it gives stability, climate protection, a space that acts exactly like a spider web. The city structure is modeled so that it can be placed anywhere on Earth. The mechanism of construction of the city is inspired by the spider’s web and printed with the help of sphere printing machine. The symbol of spider web means the creation weaving our realities between past , present and future. At the upper levels of the city there is an area for agriculture to allow feeding the population. One of the most important aspects of this city it is his ability to actively help the Earth in his regeneration process due to the crystal glass used at buildings. This way the planetary system of cities will reflect a huge amount of solar energy back into space decreasing temperature.

Structural Sistem / Materials

Similar to the spider’s cocoon the city is made by multiple layers. First layer is the base which offers the city precise stability. The second layer is the city shell and the third layer is located inside the carcass which offers protection to natural weathering and a constant temperature regardless of outside temperature variations.

The base material of the city is genetically modified but he keeps the properties of the spider web. The fiber contains special proteins based on natural biopolymers and it is flexible because of its helical elasticity and the crystalline composition. For a better performance additionally nanotubes have been introduced inside the fibers surface for them to be more flexible and stronger.

Grid Bridge

The cities are connected together by a bridge that allows a flexible connection. The grid mechanism makes the biomimetic artificial muscles stay relaxed when they are not required and when they are confronted with nature problems which may affect the city the muscles flex offering the city a perfect stability. This system can transfer energy, informations, allow travels on very long distances in a very short time. The main role of the grid is to bound the whole population so we can take care of each other and our planet.


The city feeds of the radiant energy produced by cosmos. This solution is perfect because it uses energy of the universe whose central source for Earth is the sun and it can be found everywhere in unlimited quantities. We know that cosmic rays are attracted to earth by the gravitational field. The absorption process is similar to a spider trap . As spider web attracts the energy produced by insects with the help of electrostatic attraction and so the construction attracts energy produced by particles charged due to the genetic modifications of the cell.NX0229_01.jpeg NX0229_02.jpeg

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