A shipping container functions as an item to confine goods being transported on boats and trains to different parts of the world. But did you know that the trend nowadays is to convert these dull uninteresting items into high-end shipping container homes? With little creativity, a shipping container can be transformed into a dwelling that is good looking yet inexpensive.

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The shipping container homes are quite safe as they are resistant to fire and floods. The length of a single house varies from 20 to 30 feet. Although a shipping container house can be viable for a period of around 10 years, its longevity can be substantially increased using the proper construction materials.

There are over 20 million vacant shipping containers around the globe, that are out of service, waiting for their remodeling into gorgeous quite unorthodox homes. Check out the following our selection of the most interesting shipping container homes:

1) Incubo House (María José Trejos, Escazu, Costa Rica,2013)

This is one of the shipping container homes that comprises highly durable recyclable materials. The stairs are made of wood and the floors are made of concrete. Bamboo is also used as a building material. The house has solar panels incorporated for heating up water. The water necessary for irrigation and bathroom use is collected by means of a rainwater collection system.

Courtesy of Sergio Pucci

2) Nomad Living Guesthouse (Studio Arte, Algarve, Portugal)

The vivid orange color of the house is quite interesting and contrasts the green landscape beyond. Big transparent sliding doors separate the interior from the exterior of the house. The house comprises a living space, a dining space, and a washing area.

Courtesy of Studio Arte

3) Manifesto House (James & Mau, for Infiniski, Curacaví, Chile, 2009)

The environmentally-friendly house uses reusable recycled materials along with clean energy sources. The bioclimatic design took only 3 months to construct. The cheap dwelling is considered an attempt to change the current concept of housing and to integrate it with the environment.

Courtesy of James & Mau – Photography: Antonio Corchera

4) Containers of Hope (Benjamin Garcia Saxe Architecture, San Jose, Costa Rica, 2011)

The architectural firm intended to provide the residents with views of the sunset and sunrise along with the sense of comfort and coziness. The house comprises two containers with a roof constructed in between to give the sense of openness. The roof offers the residents the optimum ventilation needed so they don’t have to use the AC. The house comes at a cost of $40,000.

Courtesy ofBenjamin Garcia Saxe Architecture – Photography: Andres Garcia Lachner

5) The Beach Box (Andrew Anderson, the Hamptons, New York, USA)

The house is made up of 6 containers with the most eco-friendly materials available. Located by the ocean, at the Napeague dunes, the house is expensive as opposed to other container houses, reaching a price of $1,395,000.

Photo via Jetson Green

6) Nederland Colorado Shipping Container Home ( Studio H:T, USA, 2010)

The residence encompasses two containers with a large common space that links the rocky landscape and the mountain views. The interior contains areas for working and sleeping while the central space is assigned for living and dining. The dwelling uses solar power to generate electricity. Its green roofs and solar orientation were planned to allow maximum cooling.

Courtesy of Studio H:T – Photography: Braden Gunem

7) The SeaUA building (Travis Price Architects, Brookland, Washington D.C., USA)

It took the architectural firm seven months to construct the house. These flats are the first to utilize shipping containers in Washington D.C. The firm meant for the housing project to be cheap, so they utilized pre-used shipping containers.

Courtesy Travis Price Architects


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