Sculptural Feature Wall in Dining Room | Fields Studio

Sculptural Feature Wall

The central attraction of a large apartment in Istanbul for Zeynep & Emre, designed by Fields Studio is the wall behind its dining area. The wall presents a plane as not just an element that divides or defines space but as an artwork that expresses itself. Made from CNC-milled polyurethane, it forms the backdrop of the dining area. The dynamic geometry running across the entire plane lends an impression as if the wall is actually a fluid surface, converging in ripples. The wall has been designed to grab the immediate attention of anyone who enters the house. The surface has an illusionary texture. Though the wall is a planar element, the pattern created here gives the impression of a gradual sinuous surface unfolding across space. Cove lighting at the top further adds to its dynamic presence. The color palette used to create this wall is subtle, yet striking. The coolness of the white has been balanced by warm brown tones. This apartment with its impressive interiors illustrates how minor details and finishes contribute towards the making of space.

By: Khushboo Vyas
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