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Schiecentrale 4b consists of a striking new structure built around the north-west sides of the old Schiecentrale building. The new complex provides the media centre with various types of dwellings, for people closely involved in the audio-visual sector and people in other creative disciplines who like the port atmosphere still palpable in the area.Supermarket:
The new structure consists of around 55,000 square meters of space. Office space accounts for 7000 square meters of that. Also included are 156 living/working units and twenty ground-accessed quayside dwellings that are 3.5 floors in height. Additional facilities include a supermarket (2000 square meters), a gym (600 square meters), 400 parking spaces in a supervised garage, and a semi-public deck 3000 square meters in area. A sun terrace, stand and playground complete the picture.

photography by © Ronald Tilleman

View :
A main feature of the project is the tall narrow building, 130 meters long and 50 meters tall, built on top of the old power plant. The 11-floor structure contains the offices and living-working units. These are accessed from a gallery finished in stainless steel. Attached to the gallery are storage spaces, which are situated directly opposite the front doors.All spaces on the west side of the building are fitted with glazed facades. This part of the building offers a wonderful view of the Nieuwe Mass and the harbor. The partitions of the living/working units can be opened from floor to ceiling with harmonica doors, allowing the creation of an exterior space within the building volume.

On account of the great flexibility, all technical installations in the spaces as well as on the facades are carried out as ‘assembly’. The complex exudes the character of a typical port building in which technology from the offshore and processing sectors has been integrated.

photography by © Ronald Tilleman

Project Info :

Architects : Mei Architecten
Project Year : 2008
Project Area : 55000.0 sqm
Construction : Besix, Brussel
Photographs : Ronald Tilleman
Constructor : Pieters Bouw Techniek Delft DHV
Project Location : Rotterdam, The Netherlands Projectmanagement BOAG
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