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Recycle Grid Structure

OVA Studio ltd. is a Hong Kong based Multidisciplinary Design office specializing in Architecture, Interior Design, Master Planning and Product Design, founded in 2008.

The team has an international design experience covering several continents (Europe and Asia) spanning over 20 years. OVA design philosophy is grounded in innovative and sustainable designs to maximize the potential of the client’s brief and to propose solution that stretch beyond the expected answers. Through its extensive network OVA Studio is able to draw specific competences to answer specific project based needs.

We strive to offer “boutique” style services to our clients, a personalized one on one tailored approach to our contracts, enabling high value services for competitive fees. In Hong Kong we offer turnkey projects for interiors as we can operate as main contractors.OVA Studio has extensive experience in designing Retails, Residential developments, Offices, Hospitality, Religious & Entertainment Projects and Infrastructure design.

courtesy of OVA Studio ltd

They came up with a concept that is a structure that allows shipping containers to travel in and out of it. They call this structure concept the “ Hive-Inn”. It offers the greatest elasticity and mobility for shipping containers. The design envisions possibilities for applications such as emergency housing or medical care units. These shipping containers can be moved to what ever location is needed and then used for various functions, for example an office, leased to a range of individuals or companies who need space in the short term.  There would be a crane at the top of the vertical grid structure that would maneuver the container into an open space. There would be a core in the center of the grid structure that would allow visitors to enter and gain access to other containers. Viewing the structure from the outside a person can see what companies are allocating the structure space.

For example, if a coffee shop wishes to place a container in the structure it would be best to place it on the outer façade so they can place advertising around the container. The container placement is not of a typical stacked grid, they can be staggered or the design suggests them to be staggered to allow for exterior visibility of the container and to allow for free flow movement with in the grid structure. The companies that rent out space are also suggested to advertise on their shipping container. This assortment of different brands taking up space of the structure creates an interesting collage for a façade. The driving theme in OVA’s design was focusing on sustainability. They want to use recycled containers for modular pieces that are then placed and plugged in autonomously of what is surrounding them above or below. This allows the building to cultivate and or diminish in relation to demand.

courtesy of OVA Studio ltd

By: Andreas Papazafeiropoulos
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