Punta Sirena Hotel

Punta Sirena Hotel is intended primarily for kitesurf water sport, as recreation. It is located on Curanipe beach in the Maule region.

The building is elevated to avoid excessive damage from a possible earthquake / tsunami. It works with the idea of a tree structure: large, very heavy foundations and slender pillars with the least resistance to water.

In the public area, we work with 100% glass surface so that the water does not encounter any resistance and breaks the glass without affecting the main structure. All this is in terms of future reconstruction in the case of a possible tsunami, but not in relation to the security people, who have to evacuate the building.

The commission consists of: 12 rooms en suite, 3 shared bedrooms, restaurant, kitchen, administrative area, yoga room, shop, service area, and storage for windsurf and kitesurf gear.

Photography by: Sergio Pirrone

Photography by: Sergio Pirrone

The layout is defined with the restaurant on the first floor of the central volume. It seeks to set up a central courtyard without wind (southern wind). This courtyard is set between the restaurant and the windsurf and kitesurf school volumes.

Upstairs there are 3 directions of views in the bay: the wave, to the south, the nearby bay to the north and the entire bay to the north (Curanipe). These views deform the geometry of the upper floor into 3 volumes with different directions. The vertical circulations and multipurpose (yoga) room are located where the 3 bodies converge. All circulations are exterior.

The hotel was designed with a pinewood module of 4.0 m x 4.0 m. The structure (pillars and beams) is exposed, treated with carbolineum primer (black). The facades are modulated at 1m, with the structural columns exposed. Among them we placed eucalyptus poles, giving a lamp aesthetic when turning on the lights at night.

The interior walls and ceiling are finished with 1×8 raw boards and pinewood floor.

We use a simple materiality (wood, forest area) and (very cheap) local labor, allowing us to build without major inconveniences or sophisticated solutions.

Photography by: Sergio Pirrone

Photography by: Sergio Pirrone

Architects: WMR Arquitectos
Location: Curanipe, Pelluhue, Maule Region, Chile
Project Area: 1200.0 m2
Project Year: 2014
Photographs: Sergio Pirrone
Manufacturers: Behr, Cerecita, Indalum, Scanavini, Steelock, carbonileo

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