Otraparte house museum | CORDOBA MEDINA LENNY , Franchesco PULGARIN GARCIA

 Otraparte house museum | CORDOBA MEDINA LENNY , Franchesco PULGARIN GARCIA

The museum Otraparte house in Envigado-Antioquia, serves the purpose of reflecting the life and work of Fernando Gonzales, who claimed that the company was looking for a personality and identity, so his thoughts were focused mainly towards the young, so, the project, taking advantage of its proximity to educational facilities looking to create a center that promotes the discovery of the vocation of the population supported the arts.For the management of the overall volume, geometry means by which the house was built (now Heritage) and taking it as the starting point of the project.

Today, the configuration of the house is accompanied by a close encounter the botanical field, as representative in the life of Fernando Gonzales; poetic project is present from the relationship between the four areas that represent your life: philosophy, politics and writing closely with botany. Together these produce the so-called symbiotic unit, a mixture of three components but do not behave well, they find a common ground and unity, in this case nature. The project has a program that promotes the culture of people, art exhibition galleries, an auditorium with capacity for 200 people, art workshops, music and theater. The relationship with the existing volume, in this case the house museum focuses on the use of reflections on the walls to make the proposed environment protagonist in the volume, and use their garden to make it part of the collective language of the project.

Project credits : 

Project Name: Otraparte house museum Location: ENVIGADO / ANTIOCH, Fernando Gonzales House Museum. Submitted by: CORDOBA MEDINA LENNY ———– 8th semester architecture student Franchesco PULGARIN GARCIA —- 8th semester architecture student College: University of San Buenaventura, Medellin / COLOMBIA. Project carried out in the seventh semester (fourth year) Subject: Amendment to existing building and proposed extension

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