Odin New York Fragrances Pop-Up Shop Snarkitecture

Odin New York launched their first ever pop-up shop in New York solely dedicated to their fragrances and home fragrances in collaboration with Snarkitecture. The pop-up shop aims to showcase the well-considered design of these products by inverting the darkness of the packaging resulting in a bright, clean space.

Arch2o Odin New York Fragrances Pop-Up Shop  Snarkitecture - 2

Courtesy of Snarkitecture

The brand’s packaging, with clean, monochromatic lines and black on black motif illustrates the relationship between minimalist-inspired design and the balance of masculine versus feminine. Snarkitecture, inspired by this packaging concept, created its polar opposite in all white, emphasizing on the bottle by casting replicas in white plaster for the pop-up shop. This results in a light, clean design with a central sculptural form, starting at the front of the store and folding up the wall and on to the ceiling.

Courtesy of Snarkitecture

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