Longcheng Plaza Wankeli Roof Sunshade Design | Ingame

Designed by Ingame, The umbrellas are installed on top of the outdoor shopping Centre in Longcheng plaza developed by Vanke. The spacious roof garden on top of the shopping center can be directly accessed from the plaza and gradually rises to the rooftop level.

These umbrellas are mainly used to shelter the atrium space from rain and direct sunlight. The concept of umbrellas inspired by dandelions, which weightlessly flutter and strew on the top of the roof garden, softening the harsh boundaries generated by surrounding massive building volumes.

photography by © Yu Bai

The umbrellas are arranged on purposely at different levels, which leave space and gaps to discharge the pressure in case of strong wind. The shaded roof garden has become a popular public space for local citizens and visitors.
We use the umbrella skeleton of the original structure itself to arrange the light strips to show the structure, and also add a touch of bright color to the bustling night scene of Longcheng plaza.

Project Info:
Architects: Ingame
Location: Longgang District, Shenzhen, Guangdong, China
Lead Architects: Zhiyang Zhang
Design Team: Zhiyang Zhang, Fan Yang, Alba
Area: 2013.0 m2
Project Year: 2017
Photographs: Yu Bai
Project Name: Longcheng Plaza Wankeli Roof Sunshade Design

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