Kilden Performing Arts Centre | ALA Architects

KILDEN by ALA Architects will function as a new performing arts center in Kristiansand, Norway. The structure will consist of four “zones”: public foyer where the central node of circulation will be, auditoriums for the performances, production street, and production workshops.

The four performance areas will house the Agder Theatre, the Kristiansand Philharmonic, and the Opera South. They will be centrally located to ensure a separation between the public space to the west and private production areas to the east. Architectural expression for the edifice represents the functionality and sustainability of the local area while also serving as a landmark piece for the entire city.

photography © Iwan Baan

The undulating surface faces the waterfront and mimics the sinuous natural landscape of Norway. Its dramatic appearance achieved through its sharp angle and material choice creates juxtaposition between the calm and uniform waters. Conceptually, the unique façade acts as a curtain separating the exterior and interior space.Appropriate since the performance hall acts as a separate reality taking the user away from his or her daily life to another world. Using local wood helps to enliven the space and make it feel warm and welcoming despite its intimidating size.

Its interior performance space boasts a series of radiating lights and uses of bright colors which contrast to the bland environment surrounding the structure. High-performance materials and technologies are integrated into the performance halls to increase functionality.

photography © Iwan Baan
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