The Inaugure Headquarters is a hospitality group that is located in the Paseo de Gracia of Barcelona, an area filled with grant architectural pieces. The architect firm that designed this feat was YLAB Arquitectos.

Arch2o-Inaugure Headquarters  YLAB Arquitectos  (11)

 Courtesy of YLAB Arquitectos

The Architects took the approach of combining the practicality and functionality of the design along with the inclusion of some form of conceptualization. This allowed for the design produced to fully meet the clients brief while still being producing a design that supersedes their expectations.

Arch2o-Inaugure Headquarters  YLAB Arquitectos  (14)

 Courtesy of YLAB Arquitectos

When moving between spaces, the architect wanted the building to tell a story creating a sense of atmosphere. The use of zigzagging and curved elements enabled the transition between spaces to seem continuous. Glass partitions where incorporated to enable the bridging of activity on the two opposing sides creating a sense of interaction between the two.

Arch2o-Inaugure Headquarters  YLAB Arquitectos  (9)

 Courtesy of YLAB Arquitectos

Large windows where introduce on the façade. This offers a picturesque view of the surrounding architecture acting as a potential frame. Within the cladding used, sections where intentionally perforated to reveals a hidden image of West Africa, which commemorated their holding company located within Senegal.

 By Shanaire Blythe

 Courtesy of YLAB Arquitectos

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