How Humans Have Changed the Landscape of Planet Earth

The 20the century has witnessed some of the most dramatic changes in human history. It held within its ties some of the most significant events, which were mostly manipulated by the rapid advancements in technology. This technology brought about economic growth, health care progress, facilitated global communications, but it did bring World War I and II, new unrecognized diseases, extinct animal species, and global warming. The advancements are accelerating even more in the 21stcentury, but they are being faced by awareness calls and scientific efforts to save the planet. Sustainability and Eco-design are becoming the trends in design, now. However, can the planet still be saved? Or was it in any danger to begin with? After all, global warming might just be a “Chinese Hoax” as one president-elect once said. Now, check out these NASA pictures, showing how the landscape of the world has changed in the past 100 years, and you be the judge.
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