House of Hungarian Music 

One of the biggest museum developments in Europe in the near future is The Liget Budapest extension. As a result of an international contest, three winners have been picked out, one of which is Sou Fujimoto’s House of Hungarian Music.

Courtesy of Liget Budapest, Sou Fujimoto

The project was selected via an anonymous competition process and the complex is planned to be opened to visitors in March 2018. The construction is scheduled to begin the next year. All  five  new  museums  are  going  to  be  built  on  existing  platforms  or  replacing  existing buildings, in the Budapest’s City Park, near the city center. The Music Museum is going to replace of the former Hungexpo Offices, which are going to be demolished.

Courtesy of Liget Budapest, Sou Fujimoto

The  building  is  designed  to  have  light  transparent  glass  walls  sheltered  beneath  a  large undulated mushroom­-like canopy, with round openings, that allow the light to get into the gallery spaces below. In this way the surrounding nature is brought inside the building, allowing visitors to establish an even closer connection with it.

Courtesy of Liget Budapest, Sou Fujimoto

Each of the buildings from the new complex will have to be environmentally friendly and to incorporate sustainable building techniques, as well as being well integrated in the surroundings of the historical park, which is said to be the first public park in the world.

Reference: Hungary Today

By: Cristina Juc

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