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Hertfordshire House

Based on a narrative of water ripples emanating from the lake, this house manifests as a series of curving volumes. Organized as a set of bright airy interlocking spaces that will give the family a warm and joyful home.

Courtesy Of Manica Architecture

The building is not only generated by the opportunities this spectacular site offers it is also firmly rooted in this landscape. The approach and entry to the building are carefully orchestrated to create the sense of drama as the views are revealed. Moving from the external living space through a series of stepped terraces to the water’s edge.

Courtesy Of Manica Architecture

Gentle ramps and the considered organization of the house allows all of the family to enjoy the unique experience this home offers. The design aims to combine both utility and beauty to create a home connected to nature and delightful in use.

Courtesy Of Manica Architecture

Project Info
Architects: Manica Architecture
Location: Hertfordshire, UK
Status: International Competition
Type: Residential

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