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This building is located in the suburbs of Athens in the area next to the golf court in Glyfada and consists of three one floor apartments of 250m2 each. Each apartment has two small and one master bedroom. Inside the building, there is an atrium that provides light to secondary areas of the apartments while also working as a funnel exit for warm air energy consumption in the summer months.

Courtesy of 314 Architecture Studio

The bioclimatic design and the positioning of the building with shades in the south save energy while the connection between the building and water creates a natural cooling system. The houses are all equipped with the most environmentally friendly technologies for energy saving. All the materials used for this construction were chosen with a low carbon footprint and the interior materials used are all natural rather than industrial.

Courtesy of 314 Architecture Studio

The colors and materials for this building were chosen in order to create a sense/feeling of harmony, modernity, and luxury while the sculptures of Gianni Aspras on the walls of the living rooms create abstract and modern warm emotions. To sum up this project, the roof gardens with the glass stairwell, offer an unlimited view of Argosaronic Sea while the swimming pool smoothly surrounding the building and the small pond on the ground floor creates a very tranquil and cooling feeling throughout the year.

Courtesy of 314 Architecture Studio

Project Info
Architects: 314 Architecture Studio
Location: Athens, Greece
Year: 2016
Type: Residential

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