Facebook has announced  that Frank Gehry will design a new office for the company in a note on the facebook website. It  is around 100,000 square feet and takes up two floors of an existing building. It’s almost double the size of the current space and gives facebook engineers room to grow even further.It is part of many projects Gehry developed it with the facebook firm,one of them is the Ghery design of the facebook’s new Silicon Valley campus which was given the go-ahead by Menlo Park City Council last week.

Serkan Piantino site director for Facebook said ” He’s_Frank Gehry_ currently working with us on the expansion of our headquarters in Menlo Park, where we’ve seen his extraordinary ability to deliver an incredible quality of design that focuses directly on people and enables the kind of highly collaborative work that our employees do. As such, we were delighted when he agreed to help us build out our new space in New York. It will share many of the features of our headquarters, but will be distinctly Big Apple in design and speak to the unique experience of working in a place like Manhattan“.

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