Duecentosessanta | Simone Bossi

In Levico Terme Trentino, Italy, what was once an unsightly abandoned tennis court was transformed by Italian architect Simone Bossi into a man-made sanctuary of wood and water.

Bossi’s serene pavilion in Trento, named Duecentosessanta MQ, was the winning installation of the 260MQ International Competition; an exercise to transform an unpleasant and unused area into something beautiful and functional. Highlighting the significance of the environment’s peaceful elements, water, light, stone, and wood, Bossi created a site specific pavilion that both improved the aesthetic appearance and gave the tennis court functionality.

Courtesy of  Simone Bossi

The incredible outdoor installation is comprised of a stone patio, lined with a pattern of vertical wooden boards that give the ambiance a forest-like feel. There is also a shallow lake adjacent to the patio filled with dark water that mirrors the mood of the sky, interrupted only by the stepping-stone path that runs through it.

The walk way that borders the unique exhibition provides and wonderful panoramic view of the installation. Duecentosessanta, once a weather-beaten tennis court, now hosts plays and concerts for the public. It is truly a sight to behold.

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