Dollop Light | Ash Allen

Ash Allen is an Australian designer who developed the Dollop Light. Allen has won numerous rewards such as the Good Design Reward for the Dollop light and he was the winner of the Delight in Light National Design competition in 2013 in London. The inspiration that leads the design of the Dollop Light was to create the form of cream falling gently off a spoon. Allen wanted to create a physical, natural hanging light full of contrasts. The light is asymmetric yet it is described as a perfectly balanced. On the exterior of the lamp, it is a matt finish and glossy on the inside. Similar to most lamps, it is narrow at the top and wide at the bottom. Allen wanted to use a 7W white LED bulb that is hidden within the lamp that creates a warm glow.This light obliquely illuminates the large space beneath. The lamp was designed to work as a pair as it is made from an earthenware ceramic slip casting.
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