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Cyber Garden

You can’t help but feel intrigued by the thought of experimenting with architecture, especially when it comes to developing an architectural design with social sciences, ecology, and cybernetics. Sounds really interesting, right? Well ecoLogicStudio members: Marco Poletto, Claudia Pasquero, and Andrea Bugli, have created a cyber garden that studies buildings as “a form of cultivation, whereby the designer operates as a cyber-gardener in both choreographing and breeding new artificial ecologies” that’s how they define their work. A simplified view of the project is that it’s a model made up of three blocks (organism), which is made through the process by a robotic hand working on each block. Opposed to the mechanical (robot) component there is a live component, (bacteria) in this case, after studying its growth pattern they use the robot to see the interaction between the builder and the environment and how that affects its growth pattern. The robot is already set to wave of commands but at the same time, it will receive readings from the live component, which makes it working both ways a builder and a reader. in this case and by the use of parametric and bio-ecologic design, rapid prototype techniques those cyber-gardeners tested that design method, evolving the designer/architect into a manager of the whole scene.


By Yosra Abdel-Rahman
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