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C+N House

The C+N family house is located in Rio Negro, Antioquia, within a parcel of houses on a 3,630 m2 lot.  It is strategically placed on-site to blend in with its surroundings, making the forest an active agent in the architectural design. Taking this main purpose into account, a volume with internal gaps was raised where the forest merges within the house, making a direct interior-exterior relationship. In some parts of the house, it is evident how the landscape becomes the protagonist.

Photography by © Mateo Soto Ph.

We sought to create a timeless project, using raw materials that preserve their original characteristics, such as: burnt brick, concrete, wood and steel, building a natural environment, that fusions with the context. Inside, the space is clean, open and welcoming, generating connected spaces where family life is integrated.

Photography by © Mateo Soto Ph.

On the façade, the double wooden skins in front of the windows stand out, controlling the entry of light, ventilation and interior thermal comfort. They work as a sunshade when open, and when closed they generate a thermal chamber that prevents the loss of heat from the interior to the exterior, keeping the inner temperature much more constant and comfortable. This elements project shadows that vary with the movement of the sun and give dynamism to the house where each space can be accommodated to the user’s needs.

Photography by © Mateo Soto Ph.

Project Info:
Architects: ALH Taller de Arquitectura
Location: Retiro, Colombia
Area: 5166 ft²
Project Year: 2019
Photographs: Mateo Soto Ph.
Manufacturers: AutoDeskAnticuario NovecentoConmarmolesConstrumetalEl Cedro RojoGreenfieldLadrillera SantaféMilk LuminanceNEUTRA CARPINTERIA

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