Are not our cities a better place to live if all the barriers that prevent us from enjoying some of the most friendly urban spots were eliminated? Are not our streets meeting, sharing places, couldn´t coexist friendly spaces in non-places? In cities increasingly dedicated to car and cement build non-places, with noticeable lack of equipment to enjoy or boost the city as a better place to live.

Arch2o- Citizen’s Billboards by IBM and Ogilvy&Mather(2)

 Courtesy of IBM and Ogilvy&Mather

Working as a team to trigger a new view on advertising and the life in the cities, IBM along with Ogilvy & Mather France, created billboards advertising with certain functions that somehow bring a new way of living and enjoying the city. Billboards that provide shelter, help to climb stairs creating ramps and that create benches for a break. The ads are created in a clear, subtle and not aggressive way, mimicking the reference elements – wooden benches, textile canopy, ramp marks.

Arch2o- Citizen’s Billboards by IBM and Ogilvy&Mather(3)

 Courtesy of IBM and Ogilvy&Mather

After London and Paris, cities of the initial proposal, IBM and Ogilvy & Mather proposes to take the concept to other cities.

Arch2o- Citizen’s Billboards by IBM and Ogilvy&Mather(4)

 Courtesy of IBM and Ogilvy&Mather

This is a sign that publicity could serve the city and it´s inhabitants instead of be served. Clearly this could be the beginning of a new way of interaction between disciplines. And the urban tissue and the people could be the lucky winners. 

By Luis Pina Lopes


 Courtesy of IBM and Ogilvy&Mather

















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