Task Architects’ submission for Busan Opera House is a construct of many, striving towards one. This ‘one’ as put forth by the Egypt based firm, is the Korean concept of Chun (天) which means ‘heaven’. Through a form that alludes to nature, they desired to create a building of ‘the public self, without self-interest’. In this spirit, the building’s interior, which houses two stages (main and small), a VIP lounge and support spaces, becomes secondary or comes second, to the public exterior.

© Task Architects

This exterior scheme was sought after through three integral Korean sensibilities- Abstractness, life and human nature. These three concepts are actualized in three distinct spaces: underneath the dramatic cantilever, the main plaza surrounding the House, and a sky terrace located at the cantilever’s end.

That certainly is a huge cantilever:

How wonderful to be in this plaza, conversing with my fellow humans:

Gods, I wonder what it would be like to stand at the end of that cantilever?: Human Nature.

© Task Architects

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