The Beukenhof Auditorium and Crematorium by Asymptote Architecture received the 2013 progressive architecture award. A beautiful and graceful work of architecture, this project located in the Dutch community of Schiedam, accommodates and celebrates a variety of spiritual denominations and rituals both in program and form. This design shows that even a crematorium can be made into a wonderful piece of architecture that is captivating to look at as well as inhabit, having the potential to put all those who visit at ease and at peace.

Arch2O Beukenhof Auditorium and Crematorium Asymptote Architecture-10

Courtesy of Asymptote Architecture

The building manifests qualities of movement and worship with an intricately perforated skin and sculptural volumes of space and water. The dematerialized building envelope allows for modulated light to enter the building as its fluid nature flows over the structure in a tranquil effortless motion emphasized by the surrounding landscape. Adjacent pools at the corners of the building collect water flowing along the structures surfaces providing an audible serenity to accompany the peaceful aura of the rest of the building.

Arch2O Beukenhof Auditorium and Crematorium Asymptote Architecture-11

Courtesy of Asymptote Architecture

In the spirit of commemoration and timelessness, the cultural center is flexible in program and is designed to be an open-ended venue for musical performances, exhibitions and poetry. As a whole this project demonstrates the realization of a profound collective imagination where all the pieces have come together to work perfectly with one another creating a balanced finished thought.


Courtesy of Asymptote Architecture

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