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Bahrain World Trade Center

The Bahrain World Trade Center stands as an icon of sustainable design and engineering. The building includes the first installation of large-scale wind turbines into a commercial building.

With initial inspiration taken from traditional Arabian wind towers, the idea that buildings could harness the onshore breeze from the Gulf and if designed correctly, deliver a renewable source of energy for the project was developed.

Courtesy of Killa Design

Unique to this building and rising to the challenge of incorporating renewable energy solutions with sustainable architecture, the design provides for three 29m diameter wind turbines to be horizontally supported between the two towers.

The sail profiles of the two towers funnel the onshore breeze between them as well as creating lift behind, thus further accelerating the wind velocity between the twin structures. Tapering to a height of 240m, each tower is visually anchored to the ground by a concertina of curved, sail-like forms.

Courtesy of Killa Design

Project Info
Architects: Killa Design
Location: Bahrain
In Collaboration: Atkins
Year: 2004
Type: Mixed-use RetailOffice Building
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