What Does Your Architectural Style Say About You?!

Every architect has a unique architectural style (unless he/she is a wannabe). This style is an outright manifestation of one’s potentials and personal taste. Many people forsake their approach to please others but a real architect never steps away from his inborn ‘style’.

After consulting several physiatrists and design psychologists (not really), we present to you various building styles and their associated personalities. You, check-mark yours.

Style # 1: Sharp Edges

Photography by © DigiDaan

If your building designs always turn out to be spiky, you probably look like this:

Photo via flickr.com

Just a joke. You know it gets deeper than that. You are a person who can feel the energies in spaces around you, and you really enjoy these experiences. Meaning, you are highly sensitive to your surroundings and you always aim to create spaces that stimulate different emotions in people. You quickly get emotional but do not act impulsively, partly because you are also a rational human being. At least you can rationalize your pointy sharp edges by resembling them to that rock you saw from the plane. Oh, sure!

Style # 2: Straight lines

Photo via i.pinimg.com

No matter how much your client cries to make you tilt a surface, you stick to your straight lines. Firstly, we salute you for being a person of strong principles. As for your personality, you are a straightforward individual who likes to say/do things directly. That is to say, just as you fail to curve a line in your building, you equally miserably fail to beat around the bush. People like you make others’ lives easier.

Photo via uni-k.arq.br

Style # 3: Curvy

Courtesy of Hufton+Crow

You are anything but direct. People find it hard to tell when you are serious and when you are not. You’re funny, though.

Courtesy of Hufton+Crow

Style # 4: Traditional

Photo via traditionalarchitecturegroup.org

You always go for a traditional architectural style rather than a modern one. This does not mean you are backward at all. Rather, you are a sensitive person who respects people and their places. Likewise, your designs are very well thought-out and sensitive to users’ needs and lifestyle. Never are your buildings superficial.

Photo via skyscrapercity.com

Style # 5: Minimalist

Photo via designingbuildings.co.uk

If you tend to keep your design minimum in terms of colors, form, furniture and even interior walls, you are a highly practical individual in your day-to-day life. You are anything but wasteful; you spend your money wisely, you eat moderately, you sleep moderately, you talk moderately… Basically, you only do things that you think are necessary to do. Nothing short, nothing extra.

Style # 6: Decorative/Colorful

Kuggen Building by Wingårdh Arkitektkontor

When it comes to decoration and colors, you do not believe ‘less is more’. You are a person who finds beauty in intricate details of nature and your buildings reflect these details. This makes you a classy gentleman who does not self-deprecate for the sake of others. In today’s time, such class is hard to find.

Style # 7: Symmetrical

Louvre Museum in Paris, France

Your designs vary between straight, curvy, horizontal, vertical, etc, etc… If there is one thing you never let go of, that is symmetry. This goes to show that you are an organized and disciplined human being. You keep track of all your duties, be they work-related or family-related.

Style # 8: Transparent

If you like to keep your buildings exposed inside out, of course, you are least bothered about your privacy. Maybe you’ve got nothing to hide, or at least YOU THINK there is nothing worth hiding. Either way, you are someone who wears his/her heart on their sleeve.

Photo via trendhunter.com

Style # 9: Private

Backadrin’s Headquarters, Asten, Austria

You are kind of an introvert and reserved person. You like to maintain your space and keep away from city noise. Plus, you love meditation. Even when you make openings in your building, they are so tiny that any passerby would think they are a million exhaust vents.

Style # 10: Gigantic

Photo via dreamstime.com

You do not believe that it is okay to remain one-storey high when it comes to buildings, ‘cause you want to stand out not matter what. Boy are you full of yourself. Nevertheless, your confidence is heroic!

Style # 11: Congested/Compact

What are you doing in architecture? You should be an urban designer, bro.

Photo via nonagon.style

Style # 12: Industrial Architectural Style

Dockland Building, Hamburg Germany

You always keep it industrial, even when it means adding one factory pipe to your façade. If your buildings have this decent look, you are a neat person who likes to take care of himself with regards to health, appearance, get-up, hairstyle, etc.

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