14 Architecture Games to Unleash Your Creative Mind,
Who doesn’t love video games? You might think you have outgrown them but you will find yourself easily hooked given the chance and the right game. For architects, playing video games can be an educational experience as much as an entertainment. They can find inspiration in the architectural setting and playful circulation, or they can learn and gain experience by simulation. Learning by simulation can be really useful, as one gets to experiment different design strategies for cities and buildings. That is something you can do, of course, using the usual 3D modeling software, but then, where is the fun in that? Games make the task more of a challenge than a mere experiment, and the good part is that there are no serious consequences. A structure may fall or a city can get abandoned, but then there were no actual humans there and no money was lost.

Here, we will give you a list of some of the most interesting architecture oriented games which deal with various scales that range from the interior design of the home to the colonization of a planet.

1.SimCity – EA Maxis

SimCity is developed by the same designer as The Sims, and actually, it was the inspiration for the Sims. In this game, the players get to plan and manage a city which they build on given patch of land. The city is divided into different zones like residential zones for the Sims to live in, commercial zones to shop at, industrial zones to work at, and so. Just like with the Sims, and with the real world actually, the main goal is to satisfy the inhabitants.

SimCity – EA Maxis

2.Minecraft – Mojang

Here is another quite popular Sandbox game. In this game, the players gather different natural resources to create a built environment. They get wood from trees and create tools for mining. Then the dug-out materials form the building blocks for the structures that the players get to create in the Minecraft world. In the meanwhile, of course, they need to find food, tame animals and face the bad guys.

Minecraft – Mojang

3.Cities in Motion – Colossal Order

Cities in Motion tackles a different issue from the previous design and build games. The players are supposed to develop and enhance the public transport system for four European Cities: Vienna, Helsinki, Berlin, and Amsterdam. Later on, new versions were released for different cities, like Tokyo, New York, San Francisco, and German cities: Cologne, Munich, and Leipzig. So, if you are majoring in urban planning, you might find this useful and enjoyable.

Cities in Motion – Colossal Order

4.Cities: Skylines – Colossal Order

Here is another city-building game but with more challenging issues and interesting features. In this game, players would normally build and plan the city. They monitor the routing of the million different citizens, and additionally, they manage other sorts of problems like traffic congestion and how it affects the different zones.

Cities: Skylines – Colossal Order

5.Prison Architect – Introversion Software

This is a 2D Top-Down construction and management game in which the player builds and runs a prison. Players start by building the cells and other prison facilities and connecting them. They hire staff, run the finance, and satisfy the needs of the inmates. They are, also, responsible for infrastructure and design decision like plumbing connections and lighting position.

Prison Architect – Introversion Software

6.Home Design Story – Storm 8

This is a quite simple yet enjoyable design game, where the players earning virtual money by accomplishing different tasks. Then, they can sue this money to purchase land or some of the new interior and exterior design items on board. Actually, these items can be used to design things other than houses. It all depends on the creativity of the player.

Home Design Story – Storm 8

7.INFRA – Loiste Interactive

In this game, the protagonist is a structural engineer who roams the corrupted fictional city of Stalburg trying to save its damaged infrastructure. He does so by solving electrical and mechanical puzzles while trying to survive the surrounding dangers.

INFRA – Loiste Interactive

8.Project Highrise – SomaSim

In this 2D-building simulation game, the players build a continuously developing skyscraper and manage it. They start with one storey, a generator, and a crew of builders, and then, step by step, they raise the building by balancing the unit blocks of different functions and developing the infrastructure. The game is, especially, impressive in its graphics and up-to-date modern style.

Project Highrise – SomaSim

9.The Sims – EA Maxis

The Sims is a very popular Sandbox game in which the player creates the main characters, known as the Sims, and places them in pre-constructed homes or homes of their own design. Then, they go on trying to satisfy the needs of the virtual characters and control their mood. Needless to say, the most attractive feature of the game is getting to design their homes inside and out.

The Sims – EA Maxis

10.Block’hood – Plethora Project

This is a neighborhood-building simulation game in which the players try to construct a well-functioning neighborhood from 1x1x1 blocks operating different programs. The blocks are not placed haphazardly but in a balanced manner that will keep the structure standing. Also, the players need to be careful that the structure stays safe under all kinds of environmental conditions. The games also introduce the player to various zoning, access, and circulation problems inside the block.

Block’hood – Plethora Project

11.Banished – Shining Rock Software

In this game, players build a village for exiled travelers who have nothing but clothes and a few supplies they brought from their homeland. The inhabitants of the village need to be provided with food and shelter. The players should keep them safe, warm, and alive. Keeping the population growing and the economy prospering is the key to acing this game.

Banished – Shining Rock Software

12.Anno 2205 – Blue Byte Mainz

In this building simulation game, players do not only build a city or a number of cities but the whole planet Earth. They get to create an ultra-modern futuristic world with shiny, soaring skyscrapers and tremendous landscape, and that is not all there is to it. They can, also, colonize the moon and use its resources.

Anno 2205 – Blue Byte Mainz

13.Imagine Earth – Serious Brothers

Well, after conquering Earth and the moon, it is time to conquer other planets. In this game, the player gets to do so by exploring and colonizing distant planets. They trade their goods, fend off their enemies, and keep their colonies safe from natural disasters, like falling meteorites and wildfires. Also, for a more realistic touch, they deal with political and economic issues like riots and growth rates.

Imagine Earth – Serious Brothers

14.Project Aura – Pixel Quality Games

In this game, players face a different kind of challenge which we might, actually, face someday; building on water. Set in the future, the game follows a scenario where a climatic disaster hits Earth, and it gets totally submerged in water. To stay alive, players need to build colonies on the water surface. These colonies are protected from the dangers of the outside atmosphere by giant domes.

Project Aura – Pixel Quality Games

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