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Hatem Eltawil, a professor in the college of Fine Arts, Alexandria, Egypt, shared with us the complete set of drawings and also more details about an installation that has been created with his students the last summer, the objective of this installation is to create a creative idea with “the least available materials in studios”. More details about the installation comes after the jamb.

Courtesy of Hatem El-Tawil


Creating a creative installation with the least available materials in ateliers to combine between structure and creativity. Also without introducing any change for used materials so it could be re-used it’s routine usage.

– form and structure lectures, Discussions and introducing ideas, Practical experiments and tests, and Choosing the final designs.

After long discussions and different ideas the team choose the stools to be the basic unit of the workshop. They began to reuse the stools in a different way and putting them in structural designs.

1st stage: assemblage of 25 stools in a semi-circular Arch after angular calculations to get the 180 degrees.

Stools are connected by Cable Ties also a base of stools was designed to keep the arch in equilibrium.

2nd stage: based on the square shape of the stool base the team began the assemblage of 2 arches of 45 stools

The equilibrium was based on the 2 arches top meeting stool (keystone)

3rd stage: the team tried to attach sloppy arches what forced them to find a new idea for the assemblage other than the keystone

So they thought about tension cables for the assemblage of 2 arches of 46 stools and 120 m of ropes to overcome the predicted horizontal forces acting on the arches.

4th stage: 2 tablecloths from the atelier were used to create a shade and achieve an architectural function and edge design nets with opposite curvatures.

5th and The final stage: was executed at Bibliotheca Alexandrina piazza with the cooperation of Arts Centre and the team wore a uniform with t-shirts designed by a graphic department colleague.

– Through executing the design the students introduced a new idea of a creative installation for a part of a hemisphere by attaching stools horizontally and vertically and other Futuristic visions.

Team : Karim Raafat Abdel- Daiem, Ahmed Mohamed el-Kattan, Ahmed Mohamed el-Kateb, Norhan Gamal Mansour, Yasmein abdel Moniem Mohamed, Sherwet Ezat Kamar, Soha Ahmed abdel-Khany, Hadeer Khaled, Osama Rashad, Mahmoud Aly el-Ghazaly, Mohamed Karam Rahouma, Moustafa Ahmed Zaky, Mohamed Soliman, Haidy el-Mesiry, Nour el-Houda Sabry, Ishraq Hussien, Hadeer Khalil, Mona Abdel-Aziez.

School :Faculty of Fine Arts, University of Alexandria.

Advisers: Prof.Hatem El-Tawil . T.A. Akram El-Zayan.

Courtesy of Hatem El-Tawil

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