The imaginative mind of Bernard Bühler is once again portrayed in his design for the Rainbow Residence Arc En Ceil, located in Bordeaux. As with most of Bühler’s work, the idea of utilizing color in architecture is questioned and we are reminded that architecture itself can be seen as just another art form.

Arch2o-bernard-buhler-residence-arc-en-ciel-designboom-00 (7)

Courtesy of Bernard Bühler

Whereas most architects are afraid of color, creating their works with the neutral tones of concrete, steel, and wood, the works of art Bühler produces are meant to stand out. Even though some critics may feel the abuse of color gives the building a dated appearance where the design verges on tacky, it is impossible not to smile and feel something when looking at Bühler’s colorful masterpieces.

Arch2o-bernard-buhler-residence-arc-en-ciel-designboom-00 (9)

Courtesy of Bernard Bühler

The following is from the architect:

Characterized by polychrome louvers that envelop the curved mass, the building is positioned at an intersection near a shopping center and mimics the flow of cars, tramway lines and pedestrian paths. The translucent panels are interrupted only by concrete volumes that serve as extensions of terraces and are bookended with equally bright planes.

Arch2o-bernard-buhler-residence-arc-en-ciel-designboom-00 (10)

Courtesy of Bernard Bühler

While the first level is fully glazed office spaces, curved hallways serve as the interior circulation for a network of apartments. The colorful cladding distinguishes the otherwise standard program from the suburban surroundings and additionally catches chromatically altered bits of the landscape.


Courtesy of Bernard Bühler

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