Antony Gormley is a sculptor who was born in 1950 in London, England, where he lives and works. He studied at Trinity College, Cambridge, before traveling to India and Sri Lanka for several years. Gormley is best known for large-scale installations that explore the human body in space, after his travels, Gormley came back to London to study sculpture at Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design and the Slade School of Art.

The PROPPERS is a series of sculpture for Gormley that can be traced back to the blockworks of 2001. In these sculptures the space displaced by the artist’s body was materialized in ‘physical pixellations’ made from steel blocks. By 2004 the blocks started to be arranged according to the logic of architectural construction using stacking, propping and cantilever which allowed for a greater dynamic of parts and greater liberty with the body-volumes.

“The work uses the tectonics of post and lintel architecture to translate body mass into the equivalent of a high rise tower or cantilevered pontoon, but does so with the freedom of a child seeing how high his wooden blocks can reach.

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