A new mixed-use green building will soon make a remarkable sight right in the heart of Ljubljana, between the park and main Ljubljana pedestrian commercial street. OFIS Arhitekti’s ingenious design the “Shopping Pillow Terraces” has recently received approval from the city council of Slovenian capitol Ljubljana. The eye-captivating building looks as if it is alive; it is lush green and even covered with flowers during spring summer, while in winter the look is covered in silver and at times even in snow.

Courtesy of Ofis Arhitekti

Since the street and the park are in different levels the building has two ground floors that are connected with a passage. The lower 4 floors are shops connected with a mall. The top three floors are reserved for apartments which occupy part of the existing historical atrium. The building is formed in terraces between the low rise historical lines of the park and the recent extension of the Post office on the border of the plot. The terraces offer beautiful views of the old city and the castle. The lower large terrace plateau accommodates open air cafeterias while the higher terraces are apartments. The terraces have a green fence pillow organic layered metal mesh implanted with greenery.

Like fashion trends the building is changing through the seasons: the fall winter appearance is covered in silver and sometimes is covered in snow. On the other hand the spring summer appearance is green and sometimes covered with flowers.
Project will go on site in 2011.

Courtesy of Ofis Arhitekti

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