Liquid. The very word suggests something pliable, free-form, in a constant state of change. Liquid has no specific shape, it takes the form of whatever its container happens to be. As such, we rarely get a chance to see this state of matter on its own.

Arch2o-Liquid Stills-Manon Wethly (3)

Courtesy of  Manon Wethly

The Belgium-based designer and photographer Manon Wethly captures high speed photographs of liquids as they fly from their container, freeing the subjects from any context but its own. A multitude of different types of glasses, cups and mugs are caught flying through the air. Their motion and spin is captured in the trailing liquid; for a moment, gravity is gone and the liquid needs no container.

Arch2o-Liquid Stills-Manon Wethly (2)

Courtesy of  Manon Wethly

One amazing bit of information is that most of the photos have been taken with an iPhone! Only recently has Wethly begun experimenting with larger cameras. I remember when cameras on phones were a worthless novelty. Now, they’re better than many built-for-purpose cameras. Amazing little things. Amazing photos.

Courtesy of  Manon Wethly

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